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Luxury Nepal Tours and Experiences

Published: 8th Jan, 2023

Top 10 Attractions & Activities in Nepal - Must-See Places

Coming from all parts of the world, tourists flock to this amazing country renowned for its luxury Nepal tours and experiences. Nepal, famous for its picturesque scenery and rich culture, welcomes travelers with open arms. From strolling through the bright alleys of Kathmandu to trekking to the base camps of the world ‘s tallest mountain range, the Himalayas, this awesome country reveals a diversity of treasures waiting to be explored by an adventurous traveler. Whether you are a nature lover or an adrenaline junkie, Nepal has got a special treat for you. Join our luxury Nepal tour packages to learn the real meaning of luxury in this Himalayan paradise.

In this blog, we explore Nepal’s top ten luxury travel experiences carefully curated to provide an amazing exploration of this Himalayan gem.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Top Luxury Nepal Tours and Experiences

Everest Experience Flight: An Exhilarating Journey 

Explore the spectacular aerial view of the Himalayas uniquely with our Everest Experience Flight! This once-in-a-lifetime experience, which takes off every morning from Kathmandu domestic airport, offers majestic views of the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest. As the flight takes off from the Kathmandu domestic airport, soar above the clouds and witness the stunning grandeur of Mount Shishapangma, Mount Dorje Lakpa, Mount Lapchi Kang, and Mount Langtang. Every traveler is offered a window seat, so start planning your wonderful aerial journey over the top of the world.

Nepal vacation with Everest experience flight
Everest Experience Flight
Aerial View Of Mount Everest
Aerial View Of Mount Everest

A Gastronomic Delight: An Authentic Nepali Dinner Combined with Cultural Shows

Be part of the extraordinary experience of the mouthwatering tastes of authentic Nepalese cuisines and watch cultural performances by various ethnic groups of Nepal. A soul-satisfying culinary expedition with a blissful array of authentic delicacies served with the warmth of the hospitality. Take in the surroundings and the sounds that make up the Nepalese culture and let the music and dancing performances entertain you while tasting every morsel.

Whether you’re a seasoned tourist or just visiting Nepal for a short tour, this cultural night will not fail to leave a mark.

Cultural shows start at 07 PM local time

Tourist Enjoying Nepalese Dinner in Nepalese Style
Enjoying Nepalese Dinner in Nepalese Style

Boudhanath Stupa: A Journey into Spirit

Boudhanath Stupa, the renowned site in Kathmandu, is one of the best sites to visit in the city. There is a great view because it is one of the biggest stupas in all of Nepal.

Visit Boudhanath Bouddha Stupa, one of the biggest stupas in the world, to get to the spiritual center of Kathmandu. This well-known stupa is venerated by Buddhist pilgrims, it brings calm and holiness. Relish in the rich fabric of Tibetan culture as you break into a stroll around the busy area close to the stupa resembling Bakhor Street in Tibet. Boudhanath might be the epitome of the Buddhist tradition of immortal time and calmness with its large size and complex architectural design.
If you want to find the perfect place to gaze upon the magnificent Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, you should dine at one of the rooftop restaurants.

A pile of 108 miniature pictures of Dhyani Buddha Amitabha surrounds the stupa’s foundation. Around the stupa, 147 brick niches with four or five prayer wheels carrying the enduring mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” may be found.

Boudhanath Stupa admission fee: 400 NPR (equivalent to 3.50 USD)
Location: Thamel is located at a distance of 5.9 km from Boudhanath.


Boudhanath stupa in the evening
Boudhanath Stupa In The Evening
Aerial View of Boudhanath Stupa during Nepal
Aerial View Of Boudhanath Stupa


Bhaktapur Durbar Square: A Journey Through Time

The third largest World Heritage Site of UNESCO, Bhaktapur Darbar Square is also located in the Kathmandu Valley. As it is less damaged by the 2015 earthquake than Kathmandu and the other cities of the Kathmandu Valley, it is a reasonable destination.

Step into the past and come to Bhaktapur, a medieval city that today stands as a cultural treasure for its centuries-old palaces, temples, and craft traditions. Walk through the labyrinth of cobbled streets that comprise the Durbar Square, Street vendors, and ancient-looking temples. Be awestruck by the majestic Bansi Narayan Temple and the imposing Nyatapola Temple, as they are samples of Nepal’s deep-rooted architectural tradition. Bhaktapur gives a unique insight into the nation’s golden era to back its ageless glamor and vibrancy.

The iconic palace which has 55 windows flies over to the eastern side of the square. Have a look at the Nyatapola Temple, the tallest temple in Nepal at 30 meters and 5 roofs, which has been hit multiple times by earthquakes since it was completed in 1702. Containers of all sizes and forms are scattered and dried in the sun in Potters Square.

Some of the famous attractions inside Bhaktapur Durbar Square:

1. Nyatapola Temple
2. 55-window Palace (Palace with 55-windows)
3. Golden gate (Golden Sun)
4. Taumadhi Square
5. Siddha Pokhari
6. Dattatreya Square
7. Peacock Window is the other name of the popular Mona Lisa of Nepal.

The most convenient time of the day to visit Bhaktapur is between 11 am and 3 pm.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square admission fee: 1800 NPR (14 USD)

Location: The distance between Thamel and Bhaktapur Durbar Square is 15.6 kilometers.

5-tiered Temple Insie Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Five-Tiered Nyatapola Temple Inside Durbar Square

Nepal tour package with Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Intricately Designed Windows Inside Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Chandragiri Hills: A Peaceful View

Escape the busy Kathmandu to the peaceful tops of Chandragiri Hills. Endowed with marvelous views of the Kathmandu Valley and the Himalayas from its hilltop location, Chandragiri is a quiet place of amazing natural beauty. The vistas from Chandragiri will leave you speechless, likely no matter whether you go for a cable car ride over the canopy trees or walk through the dense vegetation. Every minute spent on the mountaintop of Chandragiri tells me why nobody can match Nepal in terms of its beauty from the snow-capped ranges of Annapurna to the flowered hills marked with prayer flags.

Chandragiri Cable Car Ride

The Chandragiri experience takes you above the prosperous pine forests on the natural ropeway, as you rise towards the hilltop, giving you some breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below, hillsides all around, and the towering Himalayas.

The amazing trip will take you on the adventure of a lifetime that you’ll likely never forget. It is a quick way of getting from the base to the hilltop and takes less than ten minutes. It offers an uninterrupted, undiluted picture of the Himalayas and the valley. The ride is safe and secure, and if an emergency happens the generators are there. Whenever necessary there are emergency rescue drives that will deliver the customers to Bottom Station.

The best time to visit Chandragiri is in the morning from 0930 am to 12 pm.
Cable Car ticket price: 2950 Nepalese Rupee | US Dollar 22
The distance between Thamel and Chandragiri is 12 km

Cable Car Ride To Chandragiri
Cable Car Ride To Chandragiri

Mountain View From Chandragiri Hill
Mountain View From Chandragiri Hill

Mountain View From Cable Car

Mountain View From Cable Car

Pokhara City: The Beginning of Adventure

Mountain view from Pokhara during Nepal vacation
Mountain View From Pokhara

Enjoy the beauty of the environment in Pokhara, which is also referred to as “The City of Lakes and Mountains” and begin your adventurous tour of exploration. Nature lovers and adventurers have a heaven on earth in Pokhara, which hides at the foot of the Annapurna Mountains. Spend your days wandering the energetic shores of markets, canoeing the waters of Phewa Lake, or even admiring the towering peaks from the viewpoint of Sarangkot. The Pokhara region presents an excellent relief from the woes and pressures of life with its relaxed ambiance and amazing landscapes.

Relieve yourself and restore your energy as you embark on an adventure into Pokhara, the “City of Lakes,” and its serene surroundings. For its gentle lakes, hillsides covered with vegetation, and magnificent mountain scenery, Pokhara is known. Pokhara is located at the foot of the Annapurna mountains. Spend your days exploring Phewa Lake’s beautiful waters, nosing around the lively marketplaces lining the shore, or trekking through the lush jungles that surround you. Pokhara allows you to get away from the hectic pace of daily living in a peaceful environment with extraordinary views.

Fascinating luxury Nepal tours and experiences in Pokhara

1. Davi’s Fall
2. Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave
3. Seti Gorge
4. Bindebasini Temple
5. Sarangkot
6. International Mountain Museum
7. Tibetan Refugee Camp

The top adventurous activities in Pokhara during luxury Nepal tours

1. Paragliding
2. Zip-Fly
3. Ultra-light Flight
4. Bungee Jump
5. Helicopter ride from Pokhara to Annapurna Base Camp

The distance between Thamel, Kathmandu and Pokhara is 205 km.
The driving time is 8 hours (one-way)
The flight time is 30 minutes (one-way)

Magnificient Mount Fishtail From Pokhara
Magnificent Mount Fishtail From Pokhara

Enjoy Momos: A Tasty Treat

Take a small bite of the nation’s national dumpling and you will be full of delight. Nepalese momos represent the core of Nepalese cuisine and serve as a perfect meal that can be tasted in steamed, fried, or flavorful broth forms. Relish these culinary delights in the grand dining halls, bustling street stalls, or warm little cafes to taste the friendliness of Nepalese culture in each mouthful. Momos are dressed to the nines because they have yummy fillings and a heady aroma.

Thrills on the Rapids: White Water Rafting

Be on a wild and exciting adventure as you go rafting on the Trishuli River. With its awesome vistas, untouched beauty of nature, and exciting rapids, the Trishuli presents the perfect environment to enjoy a spectacular trip. The thrill of navigating the river’s bends and twists will get that heart pumping, even if you are a novice paddler. Enjoy the lovely scenery under the stars, amid the rapids and the lifelong memories you make.

River Grade: Based on where in Trishuli River you are and the water level, the river’s rapids vary from Grade 2 to Grade 3+. In this respect, the rapids provide both beginners and experienced adrenalin seekers of all kinds with an exciting but doable challenge, and therefore Nepal’s Trishuli River is ideal for everyone

View our Nepal Adventure Tour Packages

Rafting in trishuli river
White Water Rafting

Rickshaw Journey: An Ethnographic Journey

Experience the city streets firsthand by taking an action-packed rickshaw ride through the bustling Kathmandu streets like a local. Immerse yourself into the Kathmandu energy through the sights, sounds, and smells as you pass by the historic temples, crowded market squares, and lively bazaars. Strapped into the rickshaw you will witness a new aspect of Kathmandu’s legendary history with every turn, and our experienced guides provide interesting facts about the city. This evening rickshaw ride is certainly a lifetime experience that will lead us through the streets of Thamel and the beautiful place called Durbar Square which is the heart of Nepal.

Rickshaw Ride In The Streets Of Thamel, Kathmandu
Rickshaw Ride In The Streets Of Thamel, Kathmandu

Get out of your rickshaw and explore the square; find a seat to people-watch; or hang out on Freak Street in one of the avant-garde period pie shops.

Nagarkot Hill: An Amazing Sanctuary for Sunrises

Feel the magic of the Himalayan sunrise from the charming spot of Nagarkot Hill. Nagarkot, which is located on the eastern outskirts of the Kathmandu valley, offers panoramic views of the valleys below, the rolling hills, and snowcapped mountains in the background.

Nagarkot offers the magic of Sunrise even though you may either hike up for a 360-degree panoramic view or just chill and enjoy the calmness of the environment. Marvel in the beauty of nature while its glory is reflected through you as the first light of the morning rises to illuminate the mountains.

The distance between Thamel and Nagarkot is 35 km

Breathtaking View Of The Himalayas From The Hotel In Nagarkot
Breathtaking View Of The Himalayas From The Hotel In Nagarkot

In summary:

Touring and experiencing the luxury Nepal tours will take you on the most thrilling and adventurous journey. Forget all your worries and experience the unmatched natural beauty and cultural heritage of Nepal. From the mighty Himalayas to the vibrant temples and markets, Nepal offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure! We warmly suggest that you set out on the once-in-a-lifetime journey for yourselves, visiting the amazing places of this country, with our carefully compiled list of the top 10 luxury Nepal tours and experiences.


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