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Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Furthermore, a place where the great Indian Buddhist emperor Ashoka erected famous pillar 318 years ago, known as the Pillars of Ashoka. This destination in western Nepal is a Mecca for Buddhist pilgrims. Located in western Terai of Nepal, this famous Buddhist pilgrimage site doesn’t take long to cover.

The Maya Devi Temple, one of the most venerated site here, and the spot where Buddha was born. The other sites in Lumbini includes Ashokan Pillar, Sacred Pond and the Tibetan monasteries. Furthermore, there are a worldwide assortment of monasteries. However, maybe the most dominant activity is essentially locate a tranquil spot, and a book on Buddhism, and meditate over the idea of presence. Travel encounters don’t get substantially more significant than this.

This place is afflicted by heat  for about nine months of the year, it is best to visit these sites in the early mornings or late afternoon, and so is worth an overnight stay.


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