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General Information on Bhutan Travel

Published: 4th Mar, 2020

Bhutan, the only remaining Himalayan Kingdom is an intriguing destination in the world. This country has left many people amazed for centuries. The country is full of surprises and is ready to uncover itself to the visitors during their Bhutan travel.

Punakha Dzong, Bhutan trip
Punakha Dzong – Probably The Best Example Of Bhutanese Architecture

This deeply rooted Buddhist country blends the ancient and modern, making it endlessly fascinating. Here the rice is red and the huge protective penises are painted at the entrance of most of the buildings (Phallus paintings). Furthermore, it is here where environmental protection goes hand in hand with cultural preservation. Then there a fortress like dzongs which takes the prime position in the country. These dzongs and monasteries are the religious spots of every Bhutanese and also an eternal fascination for the visitors.

1. Why travel Bhutan?

There is much to love about Bhutan. For one is its mysterious side which still is dazzling for most of the westerners. Next the sacred side of the country which many of the visitors will enjoy during Bhutan travel. You may participate with the pilgrims as they look for the footprints of the saints in the rockfall. Get intrigued by listening to the history of flying tigress and demons. It is the only country who prides on a sustainable approach to tourism in line with their Gross National Happiness philosophy.

2. When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

The best time to visit Bhutan is from March to May (spring season). Throughout the spring time of, the valleys wake up with blossoming flower. The Himalayas views are at its best. This is the best time for both trekking and touring Bhutan. The temperature is comfortably warm during these periods. Furthermore, April is the time for popular four days Bhutanese festival Paro Tsechu. May, the end of the spring brings warm and dusty weather. The rain clouds start increasing. However, the fewer number of visitors and good weather still makes it a good month to travel Bhutan.

October and November (Autumn season) is when the Bhutan welcomes most number of visitors. About 20 percent of international visitors travel Bhutan during these months. As the temperature is warm, Himalayan view is brilliant and there are large numbers of visitors everywhere.

If you are planning to travel Bhutan during any of these two months, please make your Bhutan travel booking well in advance through your travel agent.

3. How do I obtain Bhutan Visa?

You don’t need to be concerned about getting your visa to Bhutan. Bhutan doesn’t run any embassy where you can apply for visa, and your visa must be applied by a tour operator in Bhutan. There is no need of filling up a lengthy form.

Send you passport copies to your travel agent, make the full payment for your trip. You will get the visa from your travel agent via mail.

“Please note, Bhutan visa is mandatory to embark flights to Paro”

4. What about flights to Bhutan?

There are presently two carriers that have flights to Bhutan. Druk Air (otherwise called Royal Bhutan Airlines) is Bhutan’s national carrier and Tashi Air (otherwise called Bhutan Airlines) is a private airline. There is one International air terminal at Bhutan which is in Paro, about an hour’s drive from the capital, Thimphu.

Ask your travel agent to hold your Bhutan flight seats along with the Bhutan tour package. The travel agents will do the same. If the itinerary is as per your requirement, provide your confirmation of the trip and pay the amount. The travel agent will issue your tickets to Bhutan and confirm your Bhutan trip.

Flight Routes

Please note, there are daily flights to Paro from Kathmandu, Bangkok, Delhi, and Kolkata. Furthermore, there are also flights from Singapore, Dhaka, Gaya, Bagdogra and Guwahati and Mumbai. However, flights from these destinations are not on a daily basis. Hence, if you are flying from these places the travel agent will coincide your travel dates with the flight date. However, please note you should arrive in to these destinations a day prior to your flight to Bhutan.

5. Tell me about money, credit cards, and ATMs?

Bhutan local currency is Bhutanese Ngultrum (Nu). However, USD currency is acceptable throughout Bhutan. Furthermore, as your Bhutan tour is all – inclusive, which means all meals are also included during your Bhutan travel, hence you will make out without any local currency. You’ll only need money for drinks. Please carry USD currency and do not rely on credit cards as they are not accepted at many restaurants and shops. Further, ATM’s are also not reliable in Bhutan.

Hence, again suggest you to carry USD currency to pay for extras, such as shopping, drinks, or expenses of personal nature.

6. What are the formalities for boarding flight to Bhutan and who will meet me after arriving in Bhutan?

As long as you are carrying visa approval form, which has been provided by your travel agent, the departure and arrival formalities are smooth and straightforward. After you arrive in Bhutan, your guide and driver will meet you at the Paro airport, arrange your visa stamp and start your Bhutan tour.

” You should already have a visa approval from your travel agent before embarking flight to Bhutan”

7. What clothing should I bring during my Bhutan travel?

Because of a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions, it is necessary to bring fitting dress as per the month you are traveling Bhutan. From May to Sep. cotton garments are adequate, in addition to a wool sweater or light coat.

From November till April, you will require extremely comfortable garments including long clothing or woolen tights to wear underpants, and down coat or coat. During a visit to the monasteries, dzongs and different strict organization, you ought not wear shorts, hats and ought to be appropriately dressed.

8. What do I have to pay USD 200-USD 250 per day for Bhutan trip? What does this amount include?

A sustainable approach to tourism is what Bhutan pride themselves on. Further, their way of thinking is “Low Volume, High Value Tourism“. Yes, paying USD 200-USD 250 seems to make Bhutan one of the world’s expensive destinations.

However, the beautiful Himalayan scenery, snow-capped mountains rising above the shadowy gorge, and the majestic fortress like monasteries. Then there are amazing architecture, spectacular festivals, outrageous archery competitions, and textile and handicrafts. Furthermore, the high altitude treks and the stunning flora and fauna make Bhutan as close to the “Shangri-La“. 

Beautiful Himalayan Landscape, Bhutan travel
Beautiful Himalayan Landscape

As advised above, this amount will include accommodation, all meals, private guide, and a private vehicle during your Bhutan tour. Matter of fact, it is not a bad deal. Furthermore, you can customize your own itinerary as per your requirement. So, it justifies the amount paid for your Bhutan trip.

Bhutan prides on ” Low Volume, High Value Tourism”


Bhutan travel is one of the experience of a lifetime. Bhutan is a nation that has amazing sites for a wide range of travelers. Then there is an astonishing culture and amazingly friendly people.Travelling Bhutan with your family and friends will be fun and educating. Bhutan never stops to dazzle people all around the world.

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