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How To Select The Best Luxury Nepal Tour For You

Published: 10th Oct, 2019

Have you ever longed travelling to Nepal, yet have consistently felt kept overwhelmed at the idea of making your very own itinerary. A Nepal luxury tour could be your answer.

Fishtail Mountain, Nepal luxury tour
Mount Fishtail, Pokhara, Nepal

We do all the planning and you do all the relaxing” this is what we consider a Nepal luxury tour to be. You will finish your Nepal tour feeling enlightened and knowledgeable about all the nature, culture abundant in Nepal.

With so much to do and see, it can all be overwhelming if it’s your first time traveling Nepal. However, you want to make sure you pick the right tour, depending on what you wish to do and see.

If You Admire Architecture

Moreover, the period from the fourth to ninth centuries AD was a golden age for Kathmandu. Keeping in mind that the temples from those times may have vanished. As of today, still some structures have withstood the wear and tear of time. Wonderful pieces of stone structures spread around temples and monasteries of the Kathmandu Valley. Furthermore, the sculptures at Changu Narayan close to Bhaktapur are particularly good examples. Likewise, is the statue of Vishnu sleeping on a bed of snakes at Budhanilkantha.

Changunarayan temple, yakky tours
Changunarayan Temple

Pagoda Architecture

The particular Newari pagoda temples are a significant part of the Kathmandu Valley. Resounding, and conceivably motivated by, the skyline’s pyramid-formed mountain tops. Moreover, carefully they are neither entirely Newari nor pagodas. The term has been generally received to portray the temples of the valley.

Pagoda Style Temple
Pagoda Style Temple in Kathmandu

The temples are commonly square in structure, and might be either Hindu or Buddhist (or both). Moreover, there are temples which are rectangular or octagonal; Krishna can occupy an octagonal temple. However, Ganesh, Shiva and Vishnu can just occupy square temples.

Nyatapole Temple, Bhaktapur
Nyatapola Temple

Furthermore, tiered roof is the major feature of these temples. These temples may have one of five levels, with a few being the most widely recognized. In the Kathmandu Valley there are two temples with four tiered roofs. However, Nyatapola Temple in Bhaktapur and the Kumbeshwar Temple in Patan have five tiered roofs.

Further, the slanting rooftops are generally secured with particular jhingati (baked clay tiles). Albeit richer temples will regularly have one top of plated copper. The bell-shaped gajur (pinnacle) on top made of baked clay or overlaid copper.

Shikhara Architecture

The second-most common temple structure in Kathmandu are the Shikhara structure temples. These temples have a substantial Indian influence. The temples are so named on the grounds that their decreasing towers take after a Shikhara (mountain top, in Sanskrit). In spite of the fact that the style created in India in the sixth century. This structure initially showed up in Nepal in the late sixteenth century.

Famous Shikhara Temples in Kathmandu

1. Mahaboudha Temple

2. Krishna Mandir and the octagonal Krishna Temple, both in Patan Durbar Square

Krishna Mandir
Krishna Mandir Inside Patan Durbar Square

If You Admire Nature and Adventure

Mostly tourist visits Nepal to view the Himalaya and return back remembering warm disposition of Nepalese people. The Himalaya’s most iconic and accessible hiking is on offer here, with rough trails to Everest, the Annapurna and past. No place else would you be able to trek for a considerable length of time in mind-boggling mountain view. Then there’s the adrenaline kick of boating a thundering Nepali waterway or bungee bouncing into a yawning Himalayan chasm.

Trekking Inside Annapurna Region
Trekking Inside Annapurna Region

Furthermore, canyoning, rock climbing, kayaking, Paragliding and mountain biking all offer a surge against the scenery of the world’s most dramatic scenes. Moreover, luxury trekking are available in the Everest region and the Annapurna region. If Nepal luxury tour is the reason why you are traveling and you admire nature and adventure, no doubt, Nepal’s nature and adventure will give you an adrenaline kick. There are travelers who like to see Nepal at a progressively refined pace.

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

Admiring the peaks over a sunset gin and tonic from a Himalayan viewpoint. Furthermore, walking around the medieval city squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Then after, joining Tibetan Buddhist pioneers on an otherworldly walk around hundreds of years old stupas and cloisters.

Nature and Adventure – Exotic Wildlife Adventure

South of Nepal lies something unique: a chain of the most preserved national parks. Here nature scans the subtropical treetops for exotic bird species and comb the jungle wildernesses for rhinos, tigers and crocodiles.

Endangered One- Horned Rhino Inside Chitwan National Park
Endangered One- Horned Rhino Inside Chitwan National Park

During your luxury Nepal tour in, choose a luxury safari offered by international hotel chains. Visit the most accessible National Park, Chitwan. Try more out of control excursion to remote Bardia or Koshi Tappu. Halt in transit to visit the origination of Buddha on the hot fields close Lumbini. Regardless, the mode of transportation you use, Nepal offers an incredibly different exhibit of attractions and landscapes.

If You Admire Culture And People

Nepal’s stupendous and physically testing geography has most without a doubt impacted the way of life and the standpoint of its solid and creative individuals. But it is difficult to make speculations regarding a ‘Nepali individuals’ when one considers the assorted variety of it’s at least 60 ethnic and rank gatherings, and horde (up to 123) dialects. From the swamps flanking India to the Himalayan statures circumscribing Tibet, Nepal brags a mind-boggling mosaic traditions and convictions that will confuse, interest and appeal explorers.

Culture and People – Caste and Status

Maybe the overwhelming Nepali social ideas are those of caste and status. These two of which add to a carefully characterized arrangement of social order and regard.

Moreover, caste decides an individual’s status, yet in addition, their vocation and marriage accomplice, how that individual collaborates with different Nepali’s and how others respond back. This arrangement of progression stretches out even to the family, where everybody has an unmistakably characterized caste. The Nepali language has about six words for ‘you’, every one of which passes on shifting shades of regard.

Religious Belief – People and Culture

With regards to their religious beliefs, Nepalese are outstandingly adaptable, realistic and, most importantly, tolerant. There is no strict or ethnic strain in Nepal. Nepalese are commonly pleasant and understanding, snappy to grin and ease back to outrage. However, they likewise have a notoriety for being savage contenders.

culture and people of Nepal
Nepali Women Attending Her Child

Moreover, the foundations of Nepali life are the demands (just as the prizes) of one’s family, ethnic gathering and standing. To break these revered conventions are to hazard being alienated from family and network. While youthful Nepali individuals, particularly in urban zones, are progressively impacted by Western qualities and way of life, most of individuals still live by conventional traditions and standards.

Moreover, to choose not to have kids is practically unheard. Nepalese ladies will frequently feel sorry for you on the off-chance that you are childless.

Furthermore, having a child is significant, particularly for Hindu families, as some strict customs, (for example, lighting the burial service fire to guarantee a serene section into the following life) must be performed by the oldest child.

Further, young ladies are viewed by numerous gatherings as money related weights whose respect should be secured until they are hitched.

On Nepal luxury tour, talk to the locals and try to immerse in their culture for a few days.


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