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Nepal Vacation Package In October

Published: 5th Aug, 2022

The most popular month for tourists to book Nepal vacation package is October. The terrain is perfect for hiking, the clear skies give way to stunning views of the mountains, and there are plenty of festivals to take part in and celebrate.

During this period, the monsoons are just over, washing away dust in the air. During this month, expect mornings and evenings to be cooler, but afternoons will be warmer. While planning a Nepal vacation, consider more than just the weather. Many of the biggest festivals fall in this month. You will get an opportunity to acquaint with this Himalayan nation’s rich culture. Some of the popular festivals fall during October. Try coinciding your Nepal vacation package with any of these festivals.

Read on to learn why you should book Nepal vacation package in October even though prices and crowds are at an all-time high. 


Between the Terai plains, the mid-hills (where Kathmandu and Pokhara are located), and the high Himalaya, Nepal experiences significant climatic variance. While the Terai continues to be several degrees hotter, Kathmandu and Pokhara enjoy comfortable temperatures in the low to mid 20s. During October, the mountains provide a cold, clean climate. This is the perfect time to book Nepal vacation packages.

In and around the Kathmandu Valley, the daily high is 68 F. (20 C). The typical temperature in southern Nepal ranges from 70 to 80 F, with highs of 93 F. Pokhara enjoys the best weather, ranging from 22–28 C. The temperature in the mountains might be chilly at night but is typically lovely during the day, making it comfortable to roam around in a t-shirt or light clothing.

Crowds & Costs

In Nepal, October is the busiest travel month. The pleasant weather also attracts large crowds. According to statistics from the Nepal Tourism Board, October welcomes highest number of tourists. Typically, more than 100,000 people come to the area in October. This is between 12k and 60k more than any other month and 6k more than March, which is the second most popular month. Many hotels charge a peak-season surcharge, and the trails in the Everest and Annapurna regions can get rather crowded. If you are looking forward to a Nepal vacation in October, book your Nepal vacation package as far in advance as you can to avoid unavailability of hotel rooms, air tickets, and guides.

Plan domestic logistics carefully if you’re going during the popular Hindu festivals of Dashain and Tihar. The airlines and tourist buses fill up incredibly quickly right before the festival. It’s advisable to include off-the-beaten-path activities in your Nepal tour package during this time of year to avoid the crowds because people frequently grumble about the density of hikers on popular routes.

Nepal Vacation Package In October With Trekking

Nepal vacation in October with trekking
Annapurna Panorama Trek

Since the weather is perfect, visibility is excellent, and the paths are in excellent shape, October is an ideal month for trekking in Nepal’s mountainous regions. You have clear, dry, and pleasant weather this month. The weather and temperatures are also a little bit more reliable in the higher elevations. On the more popular trekking routes, you’ll rarely find a path or a viewpoint to yourself, and teahouses quickly get booked up. Trek to less popular or more distant Himalayan regions to escape the crowds.

For additional information on trekking in the Everest region this month, see Everest Base Camp in October.

Trekking in Nepal is best in October.

The largest festivals in Nepal take place during October as well. You will have the chance to take pleasure in the trek while experiencing Nepal’s rich cultural diversity.

Throughout the year, it is feasible to go trekking in Nepal. Nepal offers a variety of paths and sites to suit all types of trekkers.

Please find below the recommended trekking trails for October.

Most Popular Trekking Trails

During October, walking through these trails is rewarding with good weather and great visibility of the Himalayas. Expect to have the best trekking experience in these regions.

All the popular trails in the Annapurna and Everest regions are open this month.

Nepal Vacation Package With Short Duration Treks

If you are short on time, then some popular trails to undertake in these regions are the Everest View trek and the Annapurna Panorama trek. Furthermore, some short trekking trails, such as Mardi, have gained popularity in recent years. You may also choose among various short trekking trails.

Nepal Vacation Package With Long Duration Treks

If you are looking forward to trekking at your own pace, enjoying and exploring the trails, long-duration treks are perfect. Some of the most popular are the Everest Base Camp trek, the Kunchangunga trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and the Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Less Crowded Trails

These trails are well maintained, rewarding you with the best views of the Himalayas, and the weather is just perfect. Hence, these regions attract a number of trekkers, climbers, and travelers from around the world in October.

Some of the most beautiful hidden gems in Nepal are the Mustang trek, Langtang Circuit trek, and Jomsom-Muktinath trek.

Moreover, you will encounter various ethnic groups following different cultures and lifestyles. These new trails are gradually catching up to the popularity of the popular trails.

What To Do

In October, Nepal is a safe bet. The chances are good for everything you wish to undertake. In addition to trekking, October is a great month to do white-water rafting and kayaking because the weather is at its most pleasant. For a multiday adventure, the Sun Kosi, Tamur, and Karnali Rivers are the ideal locations. Alternately, take kayaking lessons on a river near Pokhara or Kathmandu.

Nepal vacation package in October with rafting
Rafting in The Mountain Rivers of Nepal

Other enjoyable October activities include mountain biking; paragliding outside of Pokhara and Bandipur; and exploring Kathmandu’s cultural attractions.

Events/Festivals In October

Traditional Nepali holidays, whether they are Buddhist or Hindu, often correspond to the lunar calendar. As a result, some celebrations that take place in October one year can occur in September or November the following year. The following celebrations typically take place in October:

Dashain, which typically takes place in October, is the most significant festival among Nepali Hindus (although it does occasionally start at the end of September). It lasts for 15 days and is a significant holiday in Nepal.

The second-most significant holiday for Nepali Hindus is Tihar, commonly known as Deepawali in the Terai. It usually occurs in October and comes after Dashain by a few weeks.


Although it has Hindu roots, Dasain (or Dashera), Nepal’s biggest and longest celebration, is avidly celebrated by people from practically all ethnic and religious backgrounds. From the new moon to the full moon of Asoj, it lasts fifteen days, with the seventh, ninth, and tenth days seeing the most action.

Dashain, which often occurs right after the summer rice harvest, is a time for families to get together, children to be pampered (with kites, homemade swings, and small ferris wheels), and animals to be sacrificed. Buses become incredibly busy with homebound passengers at this time (roads and markets all over the country are filled with doomed goats).


Tihar (Diwali in India) The “Festival of Lights,” which lasts for five days and begins two days before the new moon, is connected to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune, and Yamraj, the god of death. Nepalis honor dogs as Yamraj’s gatekeepers by giving them tika, flower garlands, and special foods on the second day; on the third day, they decorate cows as a representation of Lakshmi and as a means of guiding the soul to Yamarj’s underworld.

Crows are thought to be Yamraj’s messengers on the first day. The most beautiful part of the festival takes place on the evening of the third day, when families all over Nepal ring their homes with oil lamps, candles, or electric lights to welcome Lakshmi.

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