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Planning a Trip to Nepal? Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes

Published: 8th Sep, 2019

Planning a trip to Nepal this year? Now it is the best time to review your “trip strategy” so that you’re not going to commit some basic errors that will add superfluously to your travel costs.

1. Book Nepal Travel Packages Through a Travel Agent

While traveling to Nepal, book Nepal trip or Nepal tour package through a travel agent in your country or the good local travel agent in Nepal. I know that I’ll hear from detractors on this one, as many travelers now a tend to book the hotel through online travel agent, and book tours after they are in Nepal. However, please note, traveling to Nepal is not like traveling to other western countries where everything is online.

Travel Agents Are Your Best Partners
travel agents for Nepal tour
Use Travel Agents For Nepal Trip

In Nepal, you will have to arrange your tours a week prior to your arrival in Nepal. There are travel agents who will book the tour on the spot, however, at last minute vehicle may not be in good condition. Moreover, the guides may not be available at the last minute. Hence, this will not be a good experience for you. Furthermore, in Nepal there are no group tours, where you can fit in. The tours here are mostly on private basis. Hence, planning to book the sightseeing tours upon arrival in Nepal may be costly in terms of experience.

Furthermore, booking trip to Nepal through a travel agent prior to your travel will help you relax. Travel agents will provide day wise schedule as per your requirement. Furthermore, you are in the holiday, you do not want to waste your time booking tours after you arrive in Nepal.

Mostly, travel agent will provide you the full package including accommodations and sightseeing tours. Okay, if you book hotels through hotel reservation sites at least, book the tours through the travel agent.

2. Don’t Squeeze Your Itinerary With Too Many Destinations

It’s reasonable — for some, vacation days are rare and trips abroad are infrequent. Moreover, there’s a tendency to attempt to over pack as many destinations as possible in the trip, as we don’t generally do not know when we’ll be back or not!

However, this can be expensive (not to mention exhaustion), as over-pressing trips will too many destinations in a very short time will lead to much time driving on the road, when you must be exploring the destinations. In many cases, it can undermine a trip, transforming it into a haze of accommodation check-ins and checkouts (with consistent packing and unpacking), while at the same time viewing a never-visited scene race past the vehicle windows. Slow down!! you’ll save money on transportation and, in addition, you will have a more time to explore the destinations deeply.

Looking for the helpful Nepal itinerary? Checkout professionally designed 8 days Nepal trip, including Kathmandu tour, Pokhara tour, and Chitwan tour.

3. Look Past “Page One” If You Are Booking Hotels Through Hotel Reservation Sites

So you’re looking, and looking, and searching for that perfect hotel in Nepal for your accommodation. Keep in mind when searching in the most famous hotel reservation sites they position the hotel that the sites wants you to book. Furthermore, these “page one” results are the hotels that pay the site the highest commission. It’s in the site’s best interest to show to you these hotels first.

Hence, for the budget travelers, this frequently means looking past these “page one” results, regardless of what number of ringers, whistles, and “Just 1 room left!” go nuts messages they toss at you. Filter your search by visitor rating, neighborhood, and price, and start digging around to find the best hotel that suits your requirement.

Here’s where the travel agent can help you find a perfect suit.

You may contact us if you are looking for the hotel that suits your requirement. Even though, you wish to book through hotel reservation sites, we will advise you the hotel that is perfect for you and your family. We know which hotels are best for a particular traveler. Furthermore, we have visited most of the hotels in Nepal.

4. Don’t Waste Money Getting Nepalese Rupee Before The Trip

Travelers waste a ton of cash buying Nepalese Rupee from their bank (or more terrible yet, from a money exchange) before arriving in Nepal. Exchanging currency in your country, means paying dearly in fees, lousy exchange rates, or both. Neverthenless, if exchanging a bit offers a peace of mind, go for it — simply don’t try too hard.

money exchange during nepal trip
Money Exchange Counters

After your arrival in Nepal, you will find plenty of money exchange counters who will exchange any currencies. And the exchange rates are much better than in your home country. Furthermore, you can use your ATM to withdraw the local currency which will save you some cost that you can otherwise spend in your lunch or dinner.

5. Don’t Go With Guide Books

Guide books will not provide you the exact information. They are just to get some idea of the destination.

Here again travel agents come in handy. Travel agents will schedule your Nepal trip keeping in mind the duration of your stay and the experience you wish to have. Your scheduled tours are accompanied by an experienced guide who are born and brought up in this country and has a pool of knowledge. Moreover, you will get the information that these guidebooks may have missed.

guidebook for trip to nepal
Don’t Over Use Guide Books

We only use experienced guides who have minimum decades of experience in guiding. Hence, you will not miss out the significant part of the destination. Furthermore, it is difficult to navigate Nepal with guide books. Guide books provide an experience of the writer when he/she visited Nepal. Furthermore, new editions are not properly revised and mostly have the old contents (except for new advertisements). However, lots may have changed during your travel.

Hence, replace guidebooks with experienced local guides. Furthermore, we provide guides who can speak your language from English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many more.


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