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Nepal Culture and Food

Published: 25th Nov, 2019

Food is the best tool to nurture relationship. Think where did you meet your first date? May be the best restaurant in the town or any of your favorite restaurants. Food brings everyone together a household, a society, and a culture.

As a rule, the food we eat were the same from the generations that preceded us. The food that our parents arranged for us when we were with them is most presumably a similar that we are probably going to plan our children. Furthermore, when we wind up making a trip to different places of the world, you will likely enter the restaurant that expertise in making our traditional food.

Food Is an Important Part of Nepal Culture

Nepalese food normally has an assortments of cooking styles depending upon the ethnicity, climate, and geography identifying Nepal culture. Nepal national food Dal-bhat-tarkari makes most part of day-to-day diet. Dal, a soup made of lentils and flavors, served over bubbled grain, bhat—typically rice yet here and there another and vegetable curry, tarkari. Sauces, normally modest quantities of zesty pickle, new or matured, and of which there are an impressive several varieties.

Nepal Food Is as Diverse As Nepal Culture

Furthermore, it’s imperative to recollect that, Nepal culture is diverse and complex, however, food is an identity to Nepal culture.

Nepal is the meeting place of the Indo- Aryan people of India and Tibetans of Himalaya. There are three main cultural zones east, west and north, including the high Himalayas, the middle hills, and the Terai. Each group has adapted its lifestyle and culinary practices. Food here is as diverse as its culture.

Newari Food From the Middle Hills of Nepal

The Newars living in the urbanized middle hills of Nepal, especially in Kathmandu Valley make up about 6% of the Nepal population. Especially, day- to- day Newari food include for the most part of normal traditional food.

Newari Food Set
Newari Food Set

Newaris are great meat eaters. Buffalo is the meat of choice. Very little is wasted when a buffalo is slaughtered. Furthermore, Newari restaurants, serve dishes made from every parts of buffalo from fried brains to tongue and steamed blood. Many Newari dishes are only eaten in particular celebrations.

Thakali Food From The Middle Hills of Nepal

Originating along the Kali Gandaki Valley in Central Nepal, Thakali food is one of the delicacy in Nepal. Thakali food uses locally grown buckwheat, grain, millet and lentils, just as rice, maize and lentils imported from lower areas to the south. The grain might be ground and boiled into a thick porridge that is served instead of rice with lentils. A sort of lentils are even produced using dried, ground buckwheat leaves. Grain can be cooked or popped in hot sand (which is then sieved off) as a snack. Thakali’s, likewise, pursue the Tibetan traditions of getting ready tsampa and tea with spread and salt. Ghee is generally used in this tea planning and as a cooking oil generally.

Tibetan Influenced food From High Himalayan Region of Nepal

If you are trekking in the mountain regions of Nepal you will get to experience Tibetan influenced food. The mountain regions of Nepal is not fertile compared to the hilly and the Terai regions of Nepal. Moreover, the weather is cold all around the year. Snow fall dominates rainfall in these regions. The food grown here are buckwheat, millet, exposed grain, and regular beans. Potatoes are another significant staple food. Furthermore, a significant amount of rice gets imported from the middle hills.

Food From Terai

Terai is the most fertile region in Nepal. The food here is more varied than in the Middle Hills because of more variety of crops grown locally. A common set incorporates basmati rice with ghee, pigeon pea daal, tarkari (cooked assortment of vegetable), taruwa (battered crude vegetables known as taruwa/baruwa, such as, potato, brinjal/aubergine, bean stew, cauliflower and so on rotisserie in the oil), papad/papadum, mango/lemon pickles and yogurt. Non- Vegetarian food includes most part fish or goat curry.

List of Popular Food In Nepal

Popular Nepal Food Menu
Popular Nepal Food Menu

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