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Private Or Group Tour Package in Nepal?

Published: 1st Nov, 2019

Nepal is one of the natural and culturally blessed countries in the world. Moreover, nowhere else in the earth will you find such diversity in nature and culture. Hence, the theme of every Nepal tour package may be cultural tours or nature tours. In this article, I am including trekking in Nepal both as culture and nature tour As most of us already know Nepal is one of the famous trekking destinations in the world. Moreover, trekking in Nepal is the best way to glimpse the nature and indulge in its culture.

Nepal Himalayas
Nepal Himalayas

Types of Tour Package

Wherever in the world you travel there are two kinds of tour package you may select. One is private tour package in which the tour package exclusively designed as per your requirement.

The other is a group tour, where you will be part of a big group which may comprise of other travelers who may be from different parts of the world.

Private Tour Package in Nepal

Private Nepal tour packages are designed as per your interest and requirement. All the service will be exclusively delivered to you, your family or colleagues who are traveling with you. You will have a private vehicle, a private guide to accompany you during your sightseeing tours, and there will be no time limit. You may spend as much time in one place and do not have to follow the group time limit restriction. Moreover, you will be always under the radar of your tour operator or travel agent. Moreover, if you are tired and wish to start the next day tour a bit later, there will be no problem.

Traveling With Friends On A Private Tour
Traveling With Friends On A Private Tour

Also, if you wish to start the tour earlier, it is your choice. In private tours “You Run The show”.

Furthermore, the local travel agencies provide you an exceptional customer service. They are able to provide all the attention to you and your private group which might comprise your family or colleagues and whatever you will require will be at disposal. These types of trips are for “Time Poor and Cash Rich” travelers.

Moreover, many of the Nepal tour packages are on a private basis. This is due to lack of promotion. Further, local travel agency do not want to take a risk of spending a lot of money to form a group. As it requires a continuous promotion in a niche market and a lot of the budget must be allocated in ad word campaign to communicate the message in the market to form a group.

Some group Nepal tour packages do operate, however, these groups are formed by foreign tour operators, who spend lots in promotion to form a group of specified number of travelers. They will have a fixed departure date and will include travelers who might be from different parts of the world or different people from the same country, where the travel agents operate. After their seats are full they will send the group to Nepal. In Nepal their ground handling agent or local travel agency will handle the group as per the set itinerary.

Group Tour Package in Nepal Or Fixed Departure Nepal Tour Packages

Group Nepal tour Package
Group Tour in Nepal

If you choose group Nepal tour package, you will be a part of the group and you will have to strictly follow the program that you have booked. There will be a guide to escort the group, however, it is apparent the attention span of your guide has to be very wide, as he/she will be controlling a big group.

You will have to follow the group schedule; you will have to agree what the majority of the group wants. In short, you will not have a private time during the tours. These types of tours are perfect for “Cash Poor and Time Rich” travelers.

As already mentioned these tour packages are designed by foreign travel agents and sent to Nepal. No one traveler gets a priority. You will have to stick to the plan. If you feel sick and think cannot start early morning tomorrow, you miss the tour. You are late getting ready, you might miss the tour. Definitely, this is a cheaper option but the local travel agency runs the show and you have to be present at the said time and said place. It sounds very harsh, however, travelers who are choosing group tours will certainly have knowledge of this before commencing group tours.

Which type of tour package in Nepal is good for you?

Here we talk some advantages of both the private tours and group Nepal tour package . You may select the one that suits your requirement.

Advantage Of Private Tour Packages In Nepal

1. You Choose Who You Would Like To Travel With

Meeting new people during your Nepal tour can be half the fun. However, there is constantly a hazard that there is somebody in the group that you cannot get along with which can in some cases put a damper on your Nepal tour. By booking a private tour you have the chance to bring the people that you wish to travel with. They might be your family or colleagues. You would definitely want to spend time with the people who are close to you and you enjoy traveling with.

2. You Will Realize That You Missed Lot of Attractions In Internet or Guidebooks

You may not know about all the superb encounters accessible to you in various areas of Nepal. In spite of the fact that you can do broad research on the web, read as many guide books, there are as yet many stunning encounters, restaurants, and nearby places that might be totally new or haven’t been shared via web-based networking media yet. If you choose private tour, with a local travel agency in Nepal, who will have good networks with every one of the areas as they are always searching out new encounters to provide a unique travel experience to their travelers.

3. Travel When You want To

You will definitely want to drop everything and take a break for an exciting Nepal vacation. However, you actually have numerous duties and commitments in your lives that need to be completed first. Hence, you may not be able to take a break on the fixed departure/group tours whose dates are fixed by bustling calendar the manner in which you’d like. With a private tour package, you can plan your vacation for when it works best for you.

Advantages of Group Tour Packages In Nepal

1. Develops A Social Network

Pretty much every group Nepal tour package guarantees the opportunity to blend in with ‘similar travelers’ and, in spite of being a well-worn buzzword, it’s additionally valid. On the off chance that travelers were pulled into a similar itinerary, odds are they’ll share something in common with you.

2. Good Price

It’s a given that parting the expenses of transport, guide and trips among a group is more cost-effective than a private tour package.

Furthermore, with more prominent numbers comes better purchasing force. As there are number of travelers, the amount you have to pay for the trip will be less as compared to that in private tour package.


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